Richard Schumann

User Interface & User Experience Design

I create and lead digital products e.g. software, interfaces, mobile apps, games & websites since 1999.

UX & UI (User Experience & User Interface Design) is my core business. From facebook campaigns all the way to founding social networks, I know the art of gathering people and build strong communities. I have strong conceptional & emphathic skills to find changes and options with you, your client and your team.

I worked with

Adidas, 9elements, Allianz, Aperto, BBDO Berlin, Bild, Black Box Music, Bosch, Duran Duran, Deutschlandrock, Exozet, Ubisoft, Deutsche Telekom, Exelution, Exozet, Finalgon, Grand City Hotels, LBS, Native Instruments, O2, Rammstein, Siemens, Spreadshirt, Spotify, Smart, Textunes, Tom Tailor, Payback, precious forever, Project Networks, Radio Fritz, RBB Inforadio, T-Mobile, Universal Music, Vodafone, Whitevoid, ZDF, Zentralnorden, Zepter & Krone and a lot more.