Richard Schumann

User Interface & User Experience Design


Grand City Hotels

Building upon my expertise in designing social web sites, I was contacted by Pluggable (who’s surprisingly located two houses from me) to join in the development of a concept network - a temporary social hub for hotel guests. Grand City Hotels, a leading hotel management in Germany with over 100 hotels, gave us the freedom to develop a concept and build this start-up into a product.

I took part in turning the early concepts into a full-featured coherent experience, and was in charge of all visual aspects. As a temporary limited-time usage application, I wanted to be sure that *any* user can immediately use it, without training and on any device.

Responsive web design is great, but I feel that most designers use it wrong - the common screen size of today’s devices should not rule the content. We took it the other way around, for this project we’ve created a custom solution in which we independently set the folding rules for each content partlet, allowing greater flexibility on various screen sizes, while maintaining our “content-first” approach. I call it “Micro-responsivness”.

The application has been publicly launched in the end of 2012 in Holiday Inn Berlin, and is expanding to other hotels through 2013.